Project LOCO Prolog Web Pages: The Formal Semantics

As part of the work on the Prolog Standard the representatives of AFNOR, more specifically
Piere Deransart, and
AbdelAli Ed-Dbali,
produced an executable formal specification for Prolog.

The specification is an annex to the standard. Furthermore this executable specification is available by FTP.

Live Demonstration of the executable specification. Written with GNU Prolog
( Author: Daniel Diaz ) and making use of othe PiLLow Prolog -CGI library.

Documentation for the executable specification

Note that this describes the original version.

Documentation Specific to the live demonstration

Includes information on how to use it, and access to the code on which it is based.

Author: J.P.E. Hodgson
Inria Rocquencourt
78153 Le Chesnay Cedex

Saint Joseph's University
Philadelphia PA 19131

Last Changed: 11 June 1999