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Tests of Conformance to the ISO standard

This page provides links to suites that test conformance to the ISO Prolog standard: ISO/IEC 13211-1. In order to be able to run these suites your processor should support the following (standard required) predicates.

The test suites

A test suite based on the formal specification
This suite is designed to be easily expandable. New tests can be added to the files or new files of tests added. Documentation on the use of the test is in the README file. Emphasis is on finding all the solutions to a given goal.
A test suite based on the examples in the documentation of the standard
This suite is not as susceptible of expansion. It uses different predicates to test for success, failure and to catch errors. It is organised by clause of the standard. Instructions for its use are in the README file.

Author: J.P.E. Hodgson
Saint Joseph's University
Philadelphia PA 19131

Last Changed: 1 March 1999